When I am angry, upset, or passionate, I write. I don’t want to limit myself so this blog has no central theme other than what I want to write about. My life and general interests include chess, politics, certain video games; I’m a business owner and I enjoy traveling. I read a lot and write a lot. Overall, I am a normal guy with a higher than average chess ranking; but, it doesn’t go to my head as I know plenty of people who are better than me.

I want to combat the zeitgeist brought on by social media that you cannot change your mind on a subject without experiencing scathing ridicule. I want to approach political topics by writing my initial opinion. Then, as I learn things, add new paragraphs with dates to show the evolution of my thinking over time. I am inspired to write this way based on the ethos of the news organization De Correspondent.

I dislike how speed is everything in the media. I respect the media and what they bring to the world. I do not buy the repeated use of “Fake News” as an accurate portrayal of the media. But the “be the first” mentality does not carry weight with me. There are often too many errors when going too quickly. My way of combating this is to take my time. My first blog post took me around 2.5 weeks to write (mostly in the evenings).

When I circulate the blog, especially with political writings, I will do my best not to comment. The blog is my comment and I reserve the right to change or modify my opinion without notice. So, if what I wrote changes, that is a reflection of my acceptance of your arguments.

Now, you may enjoy a picture of me playing chess.

Ryan Velez CCSI