Obama’s 2014 Immigration Address major new networks refused to carry because it was “Overtly political” and it might conflict with shows like The Big Bang Theory and Bones. Here is the Washington Post’s Report on this information.

I have told many people that Trump is not entirely wrong in some of his ideas. It is his implementation, rhetoric, and methods that make him distasteful. Obama tried to compassionately deal with the situation and the GOP wouldn’t have it.

Posting up Bill Clinton’s hard line approach to immigration does not impress me. I’m disinterested in “But look what this Democrat did back when _____.”

I am interested in dealing with problems compassionately and in a healthy way.

I believe…

  1. in treating human beings like human beings.
  2. the only way to justify living where I do in light of Native American claims is to be accepting of immigrants because this land was taken from its indigenous people. I have heard libertarians tell me “Land belongs to those who initially worked the land” which is the same as saying “The way Native Americans lived doesn’t count.” I have heard people argue “That happened so long ago it doesn’t matter now” or “The cat’s out of the bag on that one!” My approach to that problem is to be accepting of immigrants.
  3. the only way forward is through cooperativeness. We need to find a path to citizenship for those that contribute and represent the best of humanity. America benefits when we accept these sorts of people into its borders. For example, the Dreamers are well-educated hopefuls who themselves committed no crime. If someone stole your car with your infant in the back seat and then goes and robs a bank, would you hold the baby accountable for the robbery since they were there when it happened? Do you expect a 12 year old to tell their parents “We cannot enter that country because it is illegal” if their parents are crossing into our country illegally? I know the 12 year old wouldn’t be a Dreamer by definition; however, the principle to me is the same.
  4. Trump’s divisiveness is tiresome, wrong, and grows through hate. If I supported Trump, it would be difficult for me to hear any parent say “I’d do anything for my kids” and hold the belief that adults who come here illegally with their families are criminals.
  5. helping countries that are connected to us to become better is in our self-interest.

I am tired of political conversations that revolve around hatefulness. Trump has at least taught me that people who suffer from “immigrants-don’t-look-like-me” syndrome are everyday people.

I’m fine with every single thing Obama said in his speech. I am fine with the executive orders he outlined. I am fine with wanting to create and enforce immigration laws and I think Obama’s point about it not being fair to those who immigrated legally is a good one. I think a wall, however, is a waste of money. If human beings can climb mountains and cross oceans, a wall will do little good.

On a final note, I completely and utterly resent the WH staff (Trump last night, Pence on CBS this morning, Sarah Sanders on whatever show she was on recently) repeating stats that are untrue to underscore their fear-based tactics. It is a shame to think working in the Whitehouse will be considered a blemish on one’s resume as evidenced by so many departures.

I’m rambling now, time to stop.


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